Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rafters and PND

I've watched every episode of Packed to the Rafters since it began in 2008, but I was most interested to see how the storyline involving Nathan, his wife Saskia, and their new baby Edward would pan out.  In the episodes leading up to last week's episode where Saskia walked out on her husband and son, it was clear to me that she was suffering from postnatal depression.  I was wondering how realistic the storyline would be.

I was glad to see this illness that affects so many women being given the limelight in a popular TV show.  I was still very puzzled about how the storyline was handled, such as why Nathan didn't try harder to save their marriage or get her to see a doctor.  But ultimately I felt I could relate a lot to her suffering.  While I didn't want to leave Duncan for another man, I empathised with her confused mind, wanting someone to take the baby away so she could get decent sleep, the feeling of being surrounded by chaos, yelling at the baby to shut up.  As regular readers of this blog will know, I've been there and still coming out of that long, dark tunnel.

Bravo to Rafters for at least attempting to highlight this issue.  Even though they are just TV characters, I really felt for both Saskia and Nathan.  It's so hard on the men too.

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