Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just Eat Something

This is my new motto when it comes to reading the Bible:

Just eat something.

In my current stage of life, reading the Bible at breakfast time doesn't work anymore.  I often feel like I'm floundering when it comes to daily quiet times.  Currently I'm finding Cathy's practice of 'Morning Tea and Bible Time' works reasonably well as I can sit down for a bit while Rory has his morning nap.  Still, my Bible reading is sporadic at best.

I feel like I can strongly relate to yesterday's quote at the moment.  Have you ever been so busy you've been racing around all day, then sat down and realised you've skipped a few meals in your busyness?  You've started to feel faint and wondered why?  I have.  I was trying to do too much on an empty tank.  It's like that with Bible reading.  I find I can go for a while and not realised I've been neglecting reading God's Word and speaking with Him.  Then I wonder why I feel so dry.

I loved Meredith's advice when it comes to Bible reading: five minutes is better than nothing.  That's what I'm aiming for.  Sure, I'd love to have long quiet times and do lots of heavy theological reading, but it isn't the stage of life for it at the moment.  My head feels elsewhere most days.

If you're struggling with Bible reading, just eat something.  Start with a nibble and work up to a bigger bite.  Not because God won't love you if you don't read His word, but because if you don't read it ever, you'll starve.

Don't listen to people who place yokes on other believers' backs by insisting you HAVE to have a quiet time in the morning.  Just eat something.  Sometime.  Somewhere.

Thank you, Meredith.  I found your post so liberating.


Betty Luckhurst said...

Good for you! I know people are well meaning when they 'encourage' us to read the Bible every day, but I can't recall any mandate that you must read it every day and read a lot of it every time!
Don't get me wrong, the Bible is amazing and important and I know it's God's Words, but He can also speak to us in other ways when we can't sit down and read uninterrupted. He's good like that.

Meredith said...

Just great to read this post. And the good news is that eventually the fog does lift and you have the capacity to concentrate for longer. Hooray for you. I will let my friend who originally gave me this advice that it continues to be of use. God bless you richly.