Friday, July 26, 2013

Small Groups: The Small Small Group

It can be hard when you want to join a Bible study group and they aren't on on the nights that you're available.  The answer?  Create your own.

Right now I can't do night Bible studies and the women's group that met on Wednesday mornings has folded.  So I got together with two of the other ladies from the farm and we formed our own small small group.

I love our group.  We try to meet each Friday morning, but unfortunately I can count the number of times we've got together on one hand.  Sickness (either ourselves or the kids), annual leave, and visitors have made it difficult but we've created a private Facebook group to keep in touch and share what we've been learning from the studies when we aren't able to meet.

We're doing a series on 'hope' and looking at Job.  With the year I've had, one of the other ladies thought it looked great and she was right.  When we do manage to meet it's a great morning of encouragement, morning tea, study and prayer.  We are joined by a total of five children and it's often chaos.  There's no-one to babysit or do a crèche out here.  There are frequent interruptions - babies needing to be breastfed, toddlers needing discipline....but it's lovely.  In the midst of the mess and noise God has always taught us something.  I always leave feeling encouraged and refreshed.

The advantages of our small small group is that there are only three of us so we can be flexible with the times and locations.  We already know each other so there's no awkwardness, and we can be honest with each other about personal things.

The downside is that if two people aren't available the group doesn't happen (which has happened quite a bit).

If you can't join an established Bible study, consider starting your own small small group.

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