Monday, September 09, 2013

Calling All Theoblogians #12

Duncan and I watched the movie, Alive last week.  Based on a true story, Alive is about a team of young rugby players from Uruguay who were flying to Chile for a game in 1972 when their plane crashed in the Andes mountains.  Several passengers were killed instantly, but most survived.  After learning that the search for them had been called off and with only measly supplies of food and drink, they survived 10 weeks in freezing conditions (a few more died during this time), before three of the guys started a brave trek out of the mountains.  Eventually they were rescued.

The controversy surrounding this tale involves HOW they managed to survive for so long after their food supplies ran out.  The tagline says, They overcame the impossible by doing the unthinkable.  What was the unthinkable?  Yes, they survived by eating the bodies of their dead friends.

This sparked an interesting discussion between Duncan and myself.  Would we do the same if we were in that situation?  Is cannibalism wrong in that context?

I think no Christian would dispute that killing someone and then eating them is downright wrong and grotesque.  We are not to murder and God has given us plants and animals for food.  I doubt anyone would get their jollies out of eating human flesh either (unless they are Hannibal Lecter).  It was a massive decision for these young men, many being Catholics, even though one joked, "If I die and you eat me, promise me you'll clean your plates."

Is it wrong to eat the body of someone who is already dead if that was your only means of survival?

Personally, I think I would (unless someone can convince me that God forbids it in all circumstances) although I felt sick to my stomach when they finally went ahead and did it.

Can anyone shed some light on what the Christian view on this matter should be?

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Betty Luckhurst said...

Wow. Interesting question.

The Bible, of course, doesn't cover this situation specifically, so I guess one would have to 'glean' from other scripture, ie, assumptions based on the ideas. 'God will supply all your needs'. Or 'Jesus came to give life'. These two verses would possibly excuse the actions of the men in the movie.

I just hope I never have to make that decision.