Monday, September 23, 2013

Eee i eee i o

And on that farm there was a....

Belated 30th birthday party for me!

The theme was come as something to do with farm/country life.

Despite the atrocious weather, I had about 70 guests.  Unfortunately the weather got so bad everyone was squished onto my verandah and in my house.  I had to go to the bathroom a few times just to breathe, it was that claustrophobic!

But I was touched that so many people could come.  Besides our local friends from church and the farm, I had guests from Albany, Perth, Margaret River and Dalwallinu.

Special thanks must go to Duncan's mum's cousin Alsa who stayed with us for two weeks prior to the party in her campervan.  She gave up her time and came all the way from Dunsborough to help me with Rory and just anything else she could assist with.  What a blessing she was.  She got our overgrown garden in order so our guests could actually find the house amongst the weeds!

My man must also get special thanks for the amount of mowing and setting up he did in the two days prior.  I couldn't have had this party without him.

Despite all the preparation, I'm so glad I had a party.  I was exhausted afterwards and had the mother of all headaches (from stress and lack of sleep, I think), but I got to catch up with lots of people and celebrate the first 30 years of my life.

Despite the weather, Duncan managed to get the fire going.

The downside of having a party on election day...

Crowd of kids watching Shrek 2.

I came as the town gossip.  I wore a badge that said, 'I know your
business before you even know it yourself!'

Doing the honours.


Terios came as Bob Katter

Kate was a wool bale

My friend Asha, who is a photographer, took pics.  (She is editing
them at the moment).

Connie (right) was a CWA lady

 There were plenty of flannels

Me and my bro.

I took my wig off eventually.

Then the wig did the rounds.

The downside to a party...cleanup!

 The remains of the fire the next morning.

 We cooked breakfast for those who camped on the farm.

Mmm bacon



Iris Flavia said...

Happy belated Birthday, Sarah!!!
70 guests, wow, that sure is impressive!
Sadly most pics don´t load, but guess you had heaps of fun :-)

Betty Luckhurst said...

Happy birthday a bit late! It looks like a wonderful time!! You look quite happy :)

Janine Ripper said...

Happy belated 30th!

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone! :)