Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Remember the Lord by Colin Buchanan

I came close to chucking in my faith last week.  I'm not sure what prompted these feelings.  I just feel so dry, Bible reading is a drag, I often get angry at God for the way things have panned out this year, and every little thing that goes wrong often results in a near panic attack.  That's when I started allowing myself to believe Satan's lies - you're not good enough, you haven't repented enough, God doesn't want someone who keeps getting angry at Him or ignoring Him.

Praise the Lord it's not about me.  It's about the love, grace and mercy He has shown to me in Christ.

I bought Rory a Colin Buchanan CD a few weeks ago.  It has been more of an encouragement to me than I could have known and has brought me real perspective when I've started wandering away.  The lyrics are so simple, aimed at children....yet relevant for each of us when we are tempted to allow the circumstances of life to overshadow God and His promises.

If you stub your toe when you get out of bed,
And you slip in the shower and knock your head.
If you miss your breaky and your bike tyre's flat,
If the dog eats your lunch and you step on the cat.

If you're hitting the skids and you're up the creek,
If you're down-and-out and things look bleak.
If you're in the pits and you're out for a duck,
If you're long in the tooth and short of a buck.

Remember the Lord, Oh-oh!
Remember that He is in control.
Remember the Lord, Oh-oh!
He's watching His children,
He cares, Oh-oh!

Lyrics sourced from here.


Karen said...

Colin also has a great song called Press on Mums, I just checked and it's on his Real Hope CD. The lyrics on that one are quite encouraging too, if you have time to look them up.

Praying for you, that you will feel his presence and comfort. Don't be too hard on yourself, we all go through patches like this xx

Betty Luckhurst said...

Yep, I could use that today! Thanks for posting.

Meredith said...

Sarah, there is another Colin CD you HAVE to get. It is called "Real Hope." It isn't a kids one but my boys listened to it a lot and didn't mind because it was Colin. There are some great songs on there. Two especially are "Real Hope" - you probably guessed that there would be one with that title - and another called "Press on, Mums." This CD got me through some hard times. Put it on your Christmas in September list.

Sarah said...

Ok I am DEFINITELY getting that CD. Thanks. :)

Wendy said...

I hadn't heard of "Real Hope", we're great Colin fans here. In fact our eldest's first word for music was "colin". Sounds like "Real Hope" would be a great addition to our collection.