Wednesday, October 23, 2013

11 Questions

Janine from Reflections from a Redhead tagged me to answer 11 questions.  Here goes:

1.  Do you have a place you visit in a recurring dream?
It used to be my bedroom (surprise, surprise).  When Rory was born, I would always have the same recurring nightmare...I was in my bed and he was in the bed with me, except he would disappear beneath the doona and I couldn't find him. I would wake up screaming.  Horrible!  Thankfully I haven't had those dreams for about six months now.

2.  Which albums or songs were your personal soundtrack to the year you turned 18?
It was 2001.  I remember With Arms Wide Open by Creed, Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse, Hit 'Em Up Style by Blu Cantrell were some of my faves that came out that year.

3.  Which band did you originally hate but in time became one of your favourites?
I never hated them, but I didn't get why everyone raved about U2.  It wasn't until I moved in with my friend Emma and listened to her The Best of 1980-1990 CD that I was hooked.  I went to their concert in Perth in 2010.

4.  What is your favourite holiday and how do you usually celebrate it?
Christmas!  We take turn about to visit our families - one year with my parents, one year with Duncan's parents, then we also have it at our place and invite our parents and brothers to join us.  My parents aren't Christians so sometimes we go to church and sometimes we don't.  We have a Christmas tree and presents which my Dad hands out wearing a Santa hat (although last year my brother took over).  If we're with Duncan's family, then we always go to church and then have a roast lunch afterwards, usually with extended family as well.

5.  What is your most outrageous Lotto dream (not helping family/charity or paying bills, just something completely out there if you the money and permission to do anything)?
It seems so selfish, but I guess a European/UK holiday then a trip to a beach paradise, then support myself to write novels.

6.  Where do you wish you could revisit again for the very first time?
Sydney and Esperance.

7.  When do you think we will finally have hoverboards?
Soon I hope.  I want one, but it probably won't be for at least another 10-15 years.

8.  What is your favourite photograph of yourself?
I would say one from my wedding day:

9.  What is your favourite memory from the town/city you live in now?
Christmas 2011.  Our first Christmas as hosts and the first time we had both families join us.  The 'battle of the siblings' tennis match (me and my brother versus Duncan and his brother) was a classic!

10.  What is the song you danced to when you first danced with someone you liked?
I have no idea.

11.  What now obsolete or lost item from your childhood/teens do you wish you bring back?
Judy Blume books.  My cousin lent them to me when she finished with them, now I've given them back to her so her daughter can read them.  I get so excited when I find one in an opshop.

Feel free to do this questionnaire on your own blog. :)

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