Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Definition

During the group sessions at the MBU, we were asked to write our own definitions of 'depression' and 'anxiety'.  The clinical psychologist running the group told us she didn't want a dictionary definition of the terms i.e. depression is a consistent low mood of more than two weeks etc. but rather what depression and anxiety felt like to US.

These are the definitions I wrote over six months ago now.  I'm not sharing them to be morbid, but rather to help others gain a better understanding of what sufferers go through:


Crying for no reason
Nothing to look forward to.
In a deep pit and can't get out.
Irritated by some people.
Trapped in a nightmare.
Don't want to get out of bed and face the day.
Wanting to be alone, yet feeling so lonely.


Tense muscles
Can't relax
On edge
Feeling like I'm walking through Northbridge by myself at night, just waiting for someone to jump out and mug me.
Can't sleep
Lying rigidly on my bed instead of sinking comfortably into the mattress.
Rushing to get everything done.
Can't enjoy the moment.
Wanting time to pass quickly, yet slowly.
Fight or flight reaction.

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