Friday, November 08, 2013

Prompted To Write: Life in the Digital Age

This is my entry for Meredith's bi-monthly writing challenge Prompted To Write.

A week before Rory was born, I stepped out of the dark ages and into the shiny world of iphones.  It was one of those decisions I'd been umming and ahhhing about for a while.  I had a perfectly functional Samsung flip phone, and I can't stand how some people deliberately smash their phone or drown it in the washing machine just so they have an excuse to get the latest model.  I was well aware of the temptations of having internet access right at my fingertips.  Then there was the temptation of scrolling away on the thing when I'm out socialising with people (I've 'confiscated' Duncan's phone a few times).

After 10 months in iphoneland, I'm glad I made the jump.
  • It's my phone, camera, internet browser, social media, email, torch, weather advisor, street directory, bank, and gateway to online shopping - all in one!
  • The apps that exist out there never cease to amaze me.  We order pizzas using the Dominos app when we go to Perth.
  • Now that I'm a mum, starting up the laptop and getting on the internet seems all too hard some days.  I like how I can jump on Facebook quickly and easily.
  • There's even a Blogger app!  I've used it quite a few times to do a quick post, edit a typo out of an existing post and publish a pending comment.
  • The old days of looking up the street directory, writing down directions on a piece of paper and then having it fly off the dashboard while I'm driving are over.  It's better than a Tom-Tom.
  • It's only a phone, but it can take over your life.  I've heard people say they've felt practically naked if their phone has been lost or stolen.
  • It has the potential to be a terrible time-waster.
  • Social events are never the same.  Now everyone's there on their phones instead of talking to each other.
  • It makes it too easy for people to relay news or take and post photos that they shouldn't be sharing.
  • Even though the Facebook app is great, it doesn't have the full functionality as it does when you're on a computer.  Same with the Blogger app.

I'm glad I have an iphone.  Yes, I'm very behind the times.  But that's ok.


Meredith said...

I found this so very helpful Sarah. Thanks for posting it. I still have my fliptop Samsung - the one that requires you to turn yourself inside out to find an apostrophe - and wonder periodically about make the change... Good reading.

Wendy said...

I've had an iPhone for the past 3 years and I'm wondering how I'm going to cope without it next year in Australia. Probably we'll be just using ordinary mobiles, even pre-paid ones there. The idea of setting yourself up for a 1 year contract for phones/internet just doesn't seem to be in the vocabulary of the powers-that-be in telecommunications in Australia. Alas. We'll see how we go!

Sarah said...

I think we had the same flip phone, Meredith. Thanks to you, I found the apostrophe on it hehe.

I have to say that typing on a computer keyboard is sooo much easier than typing on a tiny iphone screen.