Friday, November 15, 2013

The Bubba: 7-8 Months

Those two months were spent mastering sitting, 'talking' (dadadada), blowing raspberries and trying to crawl (and getting rather frustrated that he couldn't yet).  He got his first tooth in early September, experienced his first plane ride (to Sydney), battled consistent flare ups of eczema, and his appetite increased tenfold.  He is a ravenous fellow!

Sadly, my two men were unwell on Father's Day.

Such a cute fellow, even with eczema.

Mmm socks!

 Daddy's boy

Pumpkin is always a winner!

At church wearing his new peaked hat from Grandma.
He looks like a cute pixie.

Off to Bunnings with Daddy.  He hates it when I take him clothes
shopping or opshopping, but squeals in delight when we go to
Bunnings (such a boy!).

Having lunch together in Katanning.

Some friends gave us their kids' old walker.
Rory absolutely loves it (and so do I 'cos I can
get a few things done).

Why are you taking a picture of me?

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