Thursday, May 29, 2014

5 Reasons Why Facebooking is Better Than Blogging

Although I prefer blogging, Facebook definitely has its advantages, too.

1.  It's quicker and easier.  I don't have to think as much or be as articulate.  Churning out a thoughtful blog post takes more time and mental energy.
2.  You can choose your audience.  With blogging, you never really know who is reading.  You can't lurk with Facebook if the privacy settings are set to 'Friends Only'.  Sometimes I wish I could block certain people from seeing certain blog posts.
3.  You can't comment anonymously or under an alias.  Yes, there are people on Facebook who aren't using their real names, but, in general, the Facebook culture is that people sign up with their real names.  If you want to comment, you have to 'own' what you hiding behind anonymity.
4.  People comment more...despite having to use their real names.  With blogging, you know people are reading (from your stats), but it's a struggle to engage them in conversation.  Therefore, Facebook is a much better ego-booster than blogging (haha).
5.  People tend to use Facebook more consistently, allowing the conversations to flow better.  I know some people take breaks from the internet for days at a time, but with blogs, people comment then might disappear for a while and it's harder to keep the conversation going.

In what ways do you think Facebook is BETTER than blogging?


Iris Flavia said...

I have to admit my last name on FB is in another language. In my defence: A friend from the US opened this account for me when Hubs was severly sick so she can help me better.

What I think is weird: People find me anyways!

Yes, it is faster. But actually I prefer blogger.

You can chat easy via FB, though, even if you live in different time-zones, that, sure, is a huge pro.

You can upload videos easier, I suppose. With blogger you have to detour via Youtube. Right? That´s how I do it.

I´m glad both exist :-)

Iris Flavia said...

Oh, and now that Ingo joined FB too, I see it doesn´t work in a chronological order. I find that disturbing.
His view is also different from mine.
But maybe I´m just still a beginner!

Sarah said...

You can change the settings so that the posts appear in chronological order. Instead of 'New Feed', you change it to 'Most Recent'. But it doesn't stay that way unfortunately and keeps defaulting back to 'News Feed/Top Posts'. :(

Iris Flavia said...

Ahh, thanks, Sarah!