Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mouse House

The last couple of days have been spent waging war on a plague of the little critters....or maybe I keep seeing the same mouse....who knows anymore!  Nope I definitely saw two of them running around our bedroom.

Yesterday I woke to find mouse poo near my pillow. They must have been running around near my head while I slept....yuck!  After that Operation Clean Bedroom was underway. I'd been putting it off for months, but suddenly it rocketed to the top of the priority list.  They'd got into our wardrobe and eaten my wheat bags...not exactly what I wanted to be cleaning up at 10pm when my bed was calling.

Tonight it was the kitchen cupboards which needed cleaning. 

Rightio rodents, it's war! Yes, I know a small brown mouse...a truly dangerous animal. The traps have been set, but they licked the peanut butter right off them. Tonight we will hopefully find out if they prefer almonds.

I wish Ebony was here! No mouse would dare run brazenly around our room when she was asleep on the bed. She might have been a hopeless hunting puss, but her presence was a good deterrent.

Maybe I should thank the mice for motivating me to clean my house.


Wendy said...

Yuuuuck! So sad that you don't have your cat anymore.

Sarah said...

We found a mouse in one of the traps today. Hooray! One mouse at a time... :)