Thursday, June 19, 2014

5 Blogging Trends in 8 Years of Blogging


It looks like I may (God willing) get to the magical decade after all.

Here are some of the trends I've observed in the blogosphere (well, among the blogs I read) over the past eight years.

1.  Commenting is on the decline.  Yet, the stats show that just as many people are reading.  I've heard people say they're 'time poor', that they don't have time to leave comments.  It's a bit like people saying they have time to read emails, but not reply.  Odd.

2.  Most people read via a reader.  Therefore, they probably don't click through to comment as much.

3.  Facebook is taking over.  This is probably because it's quicker and easier and you can use it on your smart phone (although there IS a Blogger app, too).  It takes less time to write a quick post about nothing, than it does to really think something through before you post it.  It's easier to upload photos on Facebook.  Nowadays it's almost like you need to link your blog to Facebook or have a Facebook fan page for your blog.

4.  Most blogs have a short lifespan.  The blogosphere is littered with abandoned blogs.  It's sad when a blog I loved reading is no more.  It's disappointing when the blogger announces they are going to start a new blog to replace their old one, but then that suffers the same fate.

5.  Every business seems to have a blog.  Personally, I don't read business blogs, but I've been involved with two through work.

It seems like my blog is a child, getting older and celebrating a birthday every year.  In keeping with tradition, it has new party clothes to celebrate in.

Thanks everyone for reading over the years. :)


Meredith said...

Happy birthday! It's always great to read your blog. And I love the new party clothes. Gorgeous.

Sarah said...

Thanks, lovely Meredith! It's always a great pleasure receiving your encouraging comments. :)

Iris Flavia said...

Happy birthday from here, too! Love the new party clothes, really - so refreshing!
Yes, it´s sad blogs aren´t that hip anymore...