Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sick Week Again!

Perhaps I should just keep blogging non-stop because it seems every time I take a break, I get sick.

I had a wonderful birthday...one of the best.  Then I got gastro the day after.

No trip to Perth for me.  No seeing my good friend and meeting her new baby son.  No saying goodbye to my brother at the airport.


Then Rory got a bad cough and is currently on his sixth lot of antibiotics since he was born.  It's not improving much and it's been a week.

But I have it very, very good.  I recovered from gastro much quicker than I usually do.  The fatigue I've been battling over the past few months has got a little better thanks to some chromium tablets I got from my naturopath.  I no longer feel like collapsing by 10am (although I had one bad day last Thursday), and I've got through the past week without needing to sleep when Rory does.

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