Monday, July 28, 2014

Dishwashing Deros

When it comes to washing dishes by hand (no dishwasher here, folks....I AM the dishwasher), I do not understand some people's strange dishwashing habits.

Why do they:

  • Wash the dish and then place it in the rack without rinsing it, leaving a mountain of froth on it?
  • Not dry it and instead place it back in the cupboard dripping wet?

The first is why I politely refuse some people's offer of 'help' when it comes to washing dishes (or insist they dry and I'll wash).

The second...well, I had a housemate in student housing who did that.  The cupboard where she kept her dishes had puddles in it which would leak out through and down the cupboard doors.

Weird...just weird.

I don't get it.  Please explain....


Iris Flavia said...

Well, I´m the dishwasher, too - but I can´t answer that question, never heard of anyone doing this! Why ruin furniture like that? There are racks especially for lazy people to let the dishes dry by the air...

Rodney Olsen said...

I wish I could explain it to you but I can't explain that which I don't understand. That's just odd.

Wendy said...

1. I try not to have a mountain of froth in my washing up water, but I also don't rinse, unless it is something like water bottle. You'd get on well in Japan, they have a horror of not rinsing, but then they also wash under constantly running water.
2. Have you heard of anyone else doing this, or was it just that one flatmate? I've certainly never heard of it. We let our plates air dry in the rack and I think it is not only a good use of time, but probably more hygienic as well.

Oh, and we've only had a mechanical dishwasher for one year of our married lives.

Sarah said...

Yeah, I've only seen that particular housemate do it, but I know of others who don't dry the dishes very much, and when they put it back in the cupboard, it's still quite wet.