Friday, July 04, 2014

Weekend Away

Tomorrow Duncan and I are off to Denmark for a childfree weekend.  CAN YOU DETECT THE EXCITEMENT IN MY VOICE JUST A LITTLE BIT?  It's our first one since the little man was born.

Kudos to my mum and dad for having Rory.  I'm guessing they'll be a lot tireder than us come Monday morning.

What else has been happening here lately?

I'm four chapters away from finishing the second edit of my book.  Then it's off to a literary agent.  I'm pretty happy with it now...I think.

Duncan had to put my hen Clementine down last week.  I think she had Marek's Disease and she wasn't improving.  I hate having to make awful decisions like that.

The play I'm in is just over a month away.  I've almost learnt my lines, although I still worry I'm going to forget them on the night and look like a real doofus.  I've dyed my hair darker in preparation to play my character, who is very different to me.  The transformation will also involve piercings and tattoos...oooohhh!

It's time for another bloggy break.  The blogosphere is starting to get me down again.  There are a lot of people talking, but not so much to each other which I think is a great shame.



Karen said...

Enjoy your break :) We are off for four days without kids starting tomorrow, so I think I am as excited as you! Hope the play goes very well, look forward to hearing an update afterwards.
Ps. love your new hair colour!

Sarah said...

Oh how exciting, Karen! No doubt you'll enjoy it. I'm so happy you're getting a break. :)

Iris Flavia said...

Hope you had and have a great time :-)