Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: The Year That Was

I thought it was right to end the year with a 'pondering' post...

2014 reminded me strongly of 2011.  The craziness of 2010 with my Nan's illness (and death in early 2011), the move, and plenty of other stresses kind of melted into a 2011 which was really a 'year of recovery'.  It was a year of finding our feet in a new place after so much turmoil the year before.  2014 was much the same.  After a 2013 which was the worst year of my life, I was grateful for more stability, predictability and steady plodding this year.

So many people tried to scare me with stories about the horrors of having a toddler.  Well, I'd just like to say that having a child who can walk brought me so much joy this year.  Do you know how much easier it is to get around NOT having to carry the child, plus half of the house to go the shops?  He can walk to the car and even carry some of his own things.  Hooray!  He can enjoy the park, the beach, the town pool, and the farm much more because he can walk.  And I enjoy NOT having to soak his pants for days because he's been crawling through the dirt.  It has been a great year watching my bubba grow into a little boy.  He loves 'helping' and we've got into much more of a steady routine.  He likes knowing what's going to happen next, but he's also flexible (much like me).  While there have been tantrums (oh, the tantrums), he's become increasingly fussy and suspicious when it comes to food (which has been frustrating), on the whole, looking after him has become much easier.

One of the highlights for me this year was a return to the stage after more than 10 years.  Being a part of two plays and receiving such great feedback has been incredible.

There have been sadnesses and struggles.  Rory's allergy diagnosis and having to rehome Ebony brought me such grief.  While I have questioned myself whether it was right to mourn the absence of a pet so much, I still feel like I'm far from over it.

I've been suffering from consistent fatigue for much of this year.  It all started in February when I was weaning Rory - my weight went haywire, my arthritis returned with a vengeance (and then went into remission again).  There are days when I REALLY struggle to get out of bed and crash as soon as Rory naps.  I still don't know how I managed to do the plays, it must have been LOTS of caffeine, family support and afternoon naps.  At times, I was in despair about the house because cleaning was the last thing I felt like doing.  In the past month we've had the incredible blessing of the provision of a cleaner to help me out (she also cleans for two of the other ladies on the farm).  2015 will involve further investigation into what is causing this tiredness.  I'm still in a quandary about whether to persist with doctors or naturopaths as neither have really helped much.

To all readers of this blog, I wish you more than a happy new year.  I want more than happiness for you.  I want you to know the true and living God, who is the only solid rock.

Right, I'm going to have a nap now if I'm going to have any chance of staying up until midnight.

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