Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Solomon's New Wives

Poor Solomon the rooster was well on his way to becoming a widower this year, losing four wives in as many months - Rose, Clementine, Eggnog, then Florentine.

We've arrested the slide by acquiring him four new fit, young wives/concubines.  Duncan's parents kindly gave them to us, and brought them over when they visited a couple of weeks ago.


Marilyn (White Leghorn crossed with other breeds) is after Marilyn Monroe since she's blonde.
Sheba (Australorp crossed with a Light Sussex) is after the Queen of Sheba, since she visited King Solomon.
Dixie (Light Sussex) is after the Dixie Chicks.
Esme (Light Sussex crossed with other breeds) is after Esme Watson from A Country Practice since chooks are such busybodies.

The arrival of the new girls has caused a flutter in Cluckingham Palace.  The old girls - Omelette, Shelley, Gloria and Princess Layer - have let the newcomers know exactly where they sit in the pecking order.  But the newbies will not lay down without a fight - it didn't take long for Gloria and Sheba to start going at it, rising off the ground with a flapping of wings and squawking loudly.  Meanwhile, Solomon greeted his new wives with a strange little rooster dance.

Now we have the old girls laying and the new girls laying.

Anyone want eggs?

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Iris Flavia said...

That sure sounds like some Cluckingham Palace! Great names!