Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The 13th March is Scary

I've noticed a disturbing pattern about the 13th always seems to be a crappy day for me.

13th March 2012
My car broke down in the middle of nowhere and I had to walk 5km to the nearest house, causing me to miss an afternoon of paid work.  Read all about it here.

13th March 2013
It was the day of my first psych appointment to deal with postnatal depression.  My mum and dad were meant to look after Rory for me (who was seven weeks old), but when they arrived, my mum and I got into a huge fight because she didn't like the sleeping bag/swaddle that Rory was wearing.  She ended up storming out and I was left with no babysitter.  Fortunately a lovely lady from my church came to the rescue.  It was just a horrible, horrible day.

13th March 2014
Rory had his skin prick test and we received the devastating news of his food and environmental allergies, and that we would have to rehome my beloved Ebony.  Read all about it here.

13th March 2015
It was stinking hot and my morning sickness was in full swing.  I was so weak and dizzy that I had to ring Duncan to come home for a few hours to look after Rory so I could lie down.  Afterwards I felt a bit better so I got out Rory's paddling pool for him.  He had a splash, then got out of the pool and did diarrhoea on the verandah!

I only noticed this pattern a few weeks ago.  I'm trying not to think about 13th March 2016.  After all, I don't want to will it into being another bad day.

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Iris Flavia said...

That sure is creepy!