Friday, April 03, 2015

The Case For Easter

It's amazing the number of Christians who complain incessantly that Easter has lost its meaning, that it's all about rabbits and chocolate, it's commercialised, nobody remembers the real meaning for Easter, no-one comes to church etc. etc.

I share those sentiments, but whinging isn't the solution.  Just like Christmas, I encourage all Christians to 'redeem the day'.  Seize this opportunity for evangelism.  People will question Easter traditions which I don't share (no alcohol, no red meat), and it's a great chance to talk to them about the REAL story of Easter.  They might want to come to church.  Invite them!  Be prepared, in season and out of season, for conversations which may arise.

The Case for Easter is a great book to give to someone with questions about the Easter story.  Lee Strobel is a former award-winning legal journalist who, in this book, retraces his steps from atheism to belief.  Strobel hits the experts hard with his questions which include:
  • The medical evidence for Jesus' death.  Did he really die or was he just unconscious?  Strobel explores other explanations, such as the 'swoon theory' where Jesus didn't actually die, was placed in the tomb alive, and later removed the large stone and left.
  • The evidence of Jesus' missing body.  Was the tomb really empty?  Did Jesus rise again, or did the disciples steal the body?
  • The evidence of appearances.  Was Jesus seen alive by over 500 people after His death?  Were those people merely hallucinating?
This is a great book to give to a friend or family member with those sorts of questions.  They seem to be the most common objections to belief in Jesus' death and resurrection.

The fact that there are many Christian doctors, scientists and historians out there who believe the Bible's version of events meant I also found this book encouraging as a believer.

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