Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I'm currently in the process of some major decluttering.  I have SO MUCH JUNK! Everything must go! Yes, I'm in nesting overdrive.

My study is being transformed into Rory's new bedroom and the new baby will have Rory's current room. When they're older maybe they can share a room, but until then the contents of my study are either being thrown out, recycled, sold, given away, or relocated around the house.

Which brings me to the point of this post....I really don't understand hoarders!

What is the point of hanging onto things that you don't use or don't work, saying "I'll use it/fix it one day."?  Guess what? Chances are 'one day' will never come. Throw it out!

I hear so many people complaining that they need a bigger house for all of their stuff. Unless you're a family of seven in a two bedroom apartment, how about you just have an almighty decluttering session instead? 

I don't get it. Please explain....


Iris Flavia said...

Memories attached to some, maybe?
What I find weird is the more money people get the more unwilling they are to give stuff away for free.
Students often put stuff in a box, put it on the street with a note, please take what you like.
My customer - Volkswagen - tries to sell every tiny bit, the worst was a "used bathroom-rubbish-bin for €5". Ewwwww.

Sarah said...

Yeah, I can understand wanting to hang onto a few sentimental items, but, my goodness, I doubt EVERYTHING can be sentimental.