Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Walk On

This was the next on my list of Christian biographies to read this year....

U2 have always been controversial among Christians.  Some see them as inspiring, revolutionary and an encouragement to live out the message of Jesus, particularly among the world's poor.  Others see them as frauds and immoral.

Walk On tells of U2's spiritual and musical journey through the decades, from their hometown of Dublin to becoming one of the world's biggest rock bands.  It explores the thought processes and experiences which inspired some of the greatest songs out there today.  At times it is a bit tedious going through almost every song and album over the past few decades, but interesting to know how these well-known lyrics came about.

As an aspiring artist, I've always been encouraged by U2's example of spreading the gospel through music.  I share their desire to break free of the Christian arts subculture.  It seems that when people find out you're an artist who's a Christian, they want you to create FOR Christians.  No, I want to create for those outside the church.  There is more than enough stuff out there for Christians already.

Are U2 Christians?  That's not for me to judge, only God knows people's hearts.  But, from this book, I'd say 'yes', all but one of the band's members follow Jesus.  I don't agree with all of their convictions (smoking, swearing etc.) or their decision to shun the traditional church at times (although I kind of get where they're coming from as well), but this book encouraged me to think long and hard about how I live out my faith practically and how I deal with the tension of wanting to be a Christian, yet break into mainstream arts.

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