Friday, July 03, 2015

Birthday Long Weekend

Although my birthday does fall on or around the WA Day long weekend each year, there really is no such thing as a long weekend for me.  Not only are mothering duties 24/7, but my birthday is always slap bang in the middle of seeding.  I'm lucky to see my husband much, let alone do anything to celebrate.

But this year I did have a delightful visit from our friends Sarah and Craig and their two boys, who came down from Perth to spend four nights at our place.  It was so nice to see them!  Rory had a ball playing with Wesley, who's nine months older.  The two little fellows get along so well.

Here are some photos that we took between us:

Three little fellows pretending they're in a 'boat' at the local Rose Maze.

Craig feeling on top of the world at the playground.

Starting tennis early.

Getting to sit in a header.

There wasn't enough room in there for everyone.

My beautiful boy.



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Iris Flavia said...

A (very) belated Happy Birthday, Sarah! All the best for your new year in life, may all your wishes come true!