Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Pendulum: Gratitude in all Seasons

I'll admit that grumbling is a sin I've perfected.  Before I became a parent, I thought that parents (particularly mums) whinged about their kids and the trials of parenting far too much.  My Facebook feed was full of it.  For heaven's sake, I thought, just be grateful you have kids at all.  So many people can't.

But now I'm in a different stage of life, I can fully relate.  It's very tempting to use Facebook to have one big whinge.

I hear a lot of childless people telling parents to be grateful for the family they have and the circumstances they find themselves in.  This is true!  I should be more grateful for my little family than I am at times.

But these rebukes have also irked me.  Not just because I was being corrected about my attitude, but because THEIR attitude was also wrong.  I think some single people assume that being married and having children will cure all of their problems.  That they'll no longer experience loneliness.  That they'll be happier and more fulfilled.

I've wanted to say to some single people, "DON'T covet my life."  Not because my life is always terrible, but because what they're seeing is not reality.  They're often seeing what they want to see.  But I haven't said anything because I feared it may sound cruel.

I can see it now in hindsight, that there is also much to be thankful for about singleness - time to spend with other loved ones, time to enjoy a career, more time to yourself, less restrictions when it comes to serving at church....

Some married people with kids need to be told to be thankful, but some single people also need to be told to be thankful and not to covet.


bettyl-NZ said...

I know what you mean. I guess we should all just learn to be happy with what we have, especially if you believe that God has put you there.

Blogoratti said...

Wonderful thoughts and perspective. Greetings!