Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Benny, What Have You Done?!?

He has been an idiot, that's what he's done.....and what he is!!!

If you haven't heard the 'breaking news' that is being flashed all over the internet, Ben Cousins - former Eagles captain, alleged coke snorter, gangster-associate and booze bus escapee has been suspended indefintely for missing training. I applaud the Eagles board for this decision.

Yes, I must admit, when I first heard the news, I wondered how well the Eagles are going to do without him? But that's totally the wrong attitude to take. Champion or no champion, he's broken the rules and must face the consequences. AFL footballers are not gods. I rejoiced when Michael Gardiner was given the flick (what fools St Kilda are for giving him another chance).

The Eagles have copped their fair share of bad publicity over the last few weeks and while it's true they have their problem players, what team doesn't? They're the only club with enough balls to do something about it. Last year, when a couple of Collywobbles when on an all night bender and got into a fight with fellow losers, coach Mick Malthouse said he would not suspend them if it meant Collingwood could lose a game. I say get rid of idiots...that's the only way they'll learn.

I'm still a very one-eyed Eagles fan and we're still gonna go back-to-back this year, with or without Cousins. I hope all of the other teams are shaking in their boots.

And to any Dorkers fans having a good old laugh now, my advice is to stop, deflate your big head and stop kidding yourself that none of your players are getting up to mischief.

When the Dorkers have got rid of Jeff 'I can't control my temper and I've got issues' Farmer and Heath 'I get into fights at the Perth Cup' Black, then maybe you can laugh.

Sarah, the fired-up one.

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Duncan said...

You are fired my Sarah! I reckon its time to head over to the western force! Its a great time to change codes and reap the benifits of a winning team!:)I don't know it the eagles can win back to back;)

I agree that the head eagles blokes have done the right thing though.