Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More on the Benny Saga

Today I woke up to my clock radio as usual and this morning they were having a poll.

Should Ben Cousins be given another chance?

I think it was about 85% (or thereabouts) that were all for him playing for the Eagles again once his suspension is over. I think I'm part of that 85%.

Once the Eagles board decide to welcome him back to the nest, I really hope he emerges as a better player and person. Michael Gardiner was welcomed back after his exile, then stupidly got drunk and crashed his car and I really hope Cousins doesn't follow in his footsteps. It's disappointing and sad to see such a great player go down the path he has. Hopefully once he gets his act together, people will again remember him as the player who virtually carried the Eagles in 2001 during one of their worst ever seasons - and not for the headlines he's been creating in the last couple of years.

The Eagles' reputation as a club has been taking such a battering. It'd be nice if everyone could look at this banner that's at so many Eagles' home games and nod their heads - 'WCE You Make Us Proud'.

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