Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I just had a top weekend at Cornerstone which was held at Fairbridge Farm in Pinjarra. The only downside - poor university employees , like myself, have to work the public holiday so I missed out on the last day of the camp :(

If you haven't heard of Cornerstone before, it's a Christian camp for 18-39 year olds. There's usually a couple of hundred people there from a range of denominations and backgrounds. In previous years it was stacked full of bible teaching, which was good, but sometimes it was information overload. So this year, there were less talks and more recreational activities and time just to hang out which was better.

There's always a guest speaker and a guest musician. This year the speaker was Simon Manchester, a pastor from Sydney. When I saw his name on the brochure, I was sure it sounded familiar and then I remembered where I'd heard his name before. I own a book called Forgiving Hitler which is about a Jewish refugee who arrives in Australia after World War 2 and settles in Sydney. Her daughter makes some Christian friends at school and starts attending church, later giving her life to Christ and soon Kathy follows. Simon Manchester is mentioned as the Sunday School teacher that taught Kathy's daughter in the 1970s. I'm absolutely sure it's the same person! How random is it that I remembered that yet I constantly forget where I put my keys?

The talks were on Ezekiel which is a book that only gets opened in my bible when the wind blows the pages there if I'm outside! But Simon explained it really well and now I'm keen to read more of the Old Testament. The guest musician was Richard Beeston and his band who were also from Sydney and, man, did I love their music!! In my spare time, I played tennis, swam in the pool and did a jive dancing lesson which was interesting as I have two left feet when it comes to organised dance.

Overall it was a top weekend and I'm very glad I went. This year was my third time at Cornerstone and I'm slowly starting to get over my fear/dislike of camps. I still dislike large camps in general because sometimes it gets really clicky and you don't meet anyone new. I'm not the sort of person who can come along to a big gathering not knowing anyone and just waltz up and introduce myself therefore I think smaller groups are better as far as building relationships go. But Cornerstone was great because I got to meet new people and also catch up with others I hadn't seen for a while.

Visit the website if you want more info and consider coming next year!

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