Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Our Easter Holiday

I never got around to showing you all the photos I took over the Easter long weekend. As I mentioned in this post, Duncan and I were in Dunsborough, his home town, and I got to meet his folks and a number of his other rellies for the first time. On Good Friday, we went to Busselton Baptist Church and then had lunch with our friends, James and Suzie, who used to go to my church but now live in Busso. Smiths Beach was rather windy and choppy in the afternoon and wasn't so good for swimming which was a bit disappointing. We also caught up with my auntie and uncle who were holidaying in Dunsborough on Saturday and on Easter Sunday went to Duncan's old church where his parents still go, Dunsborough Church of Christ, before heading back to Perth on Sunday arvo. It was a great holiday and just what I needed.

You can't visit the South West and not visit the Margaret River Chocolate Company - especially the day before Easter (it was packed with people).

About to enter the chocoholics' paradise.

I was in chocolate heaven. And no, they weren't all for me ;)

On our way to Margaret River, we saw a cow lying down in a paddock. Initially it wasn't moving so Duncan thought it was dead but then it moved and we realised it was in labour.

By the time we headed back, it had a calf.

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