Monday, April 13, 2009

365 Days Later

Those of you who bothered to guess the special occasion on my last post, you guessed correctly.

Yesterday, on the 12th April, Duncan and I celebrated our first anniversary with a night away at Jenny's Lake B&B in Walpole. I highly recommend it. Lovely place, lovely hosts and only $90 for a night and this includes breakfast.
Yep, after a year of marriage we're still alive :)

I'm planning an upcoming series on this blog called 'Marriage 101' where I will share what we have been learning throughout our first year (and probably for the rest of our lives). I'm expecting it might be a bit 'been there done that' for a lot of married readers but I guess everyone has different experiences and it will be interesting to see who can relate.

Happy Anniversary to my ram. Love from your ewe xoxo

Happy 13th Anniversary to Amanda and Michael (they spent their 12th celebrating with us). AND Happy 35th Anniversary to my parents for today.
The beginning.
A year later.


Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary you guys and thanks for our well wishes here too!

bek said...

YAY COngrats guys!! I guessed it but my silly computer is too stuffy to let me comment sometimes...but I knew it!!!

Congrats!! I hope this next year will be even better than the last and that you'll grow closer EVERy year!!