Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Op Shop Til You Drop!

I have a fabulous idea!

Are you into op-shopping but don't often get the chance?
Are you tired of shopping with your bored husband/partner in tow, rolling their eyes at you and hoping you'll get the hint and leave soon?

How about joining my Opshopathon....

The Opshopathon will involve keen female op-shoppers meeting up and raiding the opshops in a particular geographical area. Say for example, we choose Perth's western suburbs, look up all the op-shops in those suburbs, make a list and spend a day cruising them. A chance to find bargains, make other people's trash your treasure and support charities.

What's your fetish? CDs? DVDs/videos? Books? Clothes? Boardgames?

I'm excited just thinking about it!

Who's with me? :)


Amanda said...

Me, I love opshopping but hate to take the kids. It was ok when it was just one but now its too hard. I'll come if:

1. I can get someone to look after the kids (most likely Michael) and
2. If you pick me up. : )

Sarah said...

Deal :)

Not sure when the inaugural opshopathon will be. When I can next come to Perth I guess. I shall keep you informed.

Pearl said...

Hi, Buntine isn't in the middle of nowhere,:-) I was born near there.
good luck with the op shopping, I try to stay out of them now, I have too much stuff.
I enjoyed your blog.

Sarah said...

Hi Pearl, yes you're right, Buntine's not that isolated and it's only 3 hours from Perth. I love it here, nice and peaceful.
Glad you enjoyed my blog :)