Friday, May 01, 2009

The Ultimate Weekend Getaway

While some friends were visiting us last year, one of them mentioned that we should start up a bed and breakfast at our place. We just laughed; there was no way that was ever going to become a reality. While we love having friends up to visit, the thought of strangers constantly staying in our little cottage would drive me mental. Not to mention that Brad and Hayley own the house and it would just be wrong for us to make a profit out of a place that they are letting us live in rent-free.

However, just for fun, I have made an ad that we could use if we really were serious about running a B&B. If you would like to visit us for a weekend but haven't got around to it yet, then this may be the temptation you need ;)

Quaint accommodation.

Charming hosts.

Friendly animals.

Beautiful scenery.



Meet Farmer Brad.


Including randy rams.

Lambs in winter.

Have a ride in the machinery during seeding....

....or harvest.

Go on one of Duncan's 'farm tours' and hear all about the different crops.

Wildflowers in August/September.

Would you like to come up and visit us? You'd be very welcome, just give us a call and we'll arrange a time. Don't forget your flannel shirt and your Rossis and we'll bootscoot the night away ;)


Duncan said...

Very Cool Hun! But you have to offer them Sarah's Tempting chocolate delights for supper! lol
Plus Blunstone Boots are better... so people can bring them up instead:)

bek said...

oooo we would SO love to come!! Maybe when Eme is a little older so that she can enjoy all the animals!! What a fun family holiday!!

Sarah said...

I shall indeed cook something tasty and tempting :)~

Bek, you must come! Let me know :)

bek said...

dont cook little sheepies tho :( maybe a chook roast...or maybe something vegetarian :)

Sarah said...

Haha no Brad doesn't kill and eat his own sheep. And I certainly couldn't kill anything.