Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Someone Stole Your Pyjamas?

Last week, I was doing some ironing. I love ironing, there's something strangely relaxing about it, it must be the steam. Anyway, I ironed a pair of my pyjamas and left them in a neat pile with some other clothes. I was only about halfway through the basket when it was time for Duncan and I to go to fitness class. When we got home, I got changed and decided to finish the ironing before I went to bed.

When I went to put the ironing away, I noticed the pyjamas were gone. Everything else was still there but them. I hunted everywhere; in my wardrobe and drawers, in the loungeroom, in the laundry. I even checked the dirty clothes basket in case I'd absent-mindedly chucked them in there again. Duncan helped me look and he couldn't find them either. Eventually I could only come to one conclusion.....

I said to Duncan, "I think someone has been in our house and stolen my pyjamas."
He just laughed at me.
I wasn't panicking or anything and I knew this suggestion was as ludicrous as it sounded to Duncan but what else was I supposed to think? Why would anyone want to take my pyjamas? They aren't even good ones, they're just an old t-shirt with a goanna on it that I got in Coral Bay in 1996 and a pair of old pyjama shorts that are stretched and faded.

I went back into the bedroom and finally I spotted something lying on the floor and just poking out from under the bed. It was a pair of pyjamas! BUT they weren't the ones I was looking for. They were the pyjamas I was wearing that week. But hang on.....I was wearing them, wasn't I? I'd got changed into them when I got home, didn't I? Obviously not because there they were on the floor. SO what was I wearing? I looked down and sure enough I was wearing the clean ones that I'd just ironed and was meant to put away.

Duncan laughed at me again and just said, "Oh, honey!"

I'm going to put that incident down to tiredness after fitness class.

Or maybe I am just losing the precious few marbles I have left!


bek said...

I think you just lost those precious few :)
hehehehe that is HILARIOUS!!

Rodney Olsen said...

Great story.

Thanks for having the courage to share it with your readers.

Sarah said...

Hehe glad you both got a laugh out of it :)

Bek, you are probably right, I have lost my last two marbles and probably any sense of shame.

Jillian said...

I had such a great laugh reading this that I had to read it to Ali and Jane, who also got a good laugh.
It's like trying to find your sunnies when they're on your head - or going to push up your glasses when you've got contacts in...
Thanks for sharing!!

Sarah said...

Oh yes, the sunnies on the head thing...I've done that too hehe :(

AND I did it while wearing my sunnies and didn't realise until I noticed it was a bit darker inside than it should be.

Iris Flavia said...

Please!!!! Please come over here! At least ten T-Shirts are waiting to be ironed for DAYS!
Oh, my! You iron PJ´s?! :-)))) In case what??? ;-)
In case you went outside to look for them? :-)
Too funny!!!!

Sarah said...

I just like having nice and smooth PJs to wear instead of crinkly ones :)