Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Bit of a Smack?!?

This post is the first in my new series called 'I Don't Get It' which is about.....well.....things I just don't get.

First up, there has been something that has really irked me about the 'culture' up here for a while now. You see, ever since moving here, I have heard more domestic violence jokes than I have in my whole life prior.

I remember a few conversations Duncan and I have had with various people and then suddenly they feel the need to crack a joke about domestic violence. I can't remember the exact words but someone once said to Duncan, "Just give the wife a bit of a smack if she's being naughty," referring to me of course. I was standing there gobsmacked, too shocked to offer a rebuke. I mean, hello, I'm the wife....and I'm standing right here. Another occasion someone said to me, "Duncan's being beating you up, has he?" I can't remember the context and there have been other instances where I can't remember exactly what was said but the whole thing just astounds me. Is that how this guy treats his wife? I hope not!

When on earth did domestic violence become funny and something to joke about? What is it about Dally people? I think people must do it because they know that Duncan would NEVER beat me up so that makes it ok to crack jokes. But the point is, we DON'T know what goes on behind closed doors in other people's lives. I would hope that no-one I know is being bashed by their spouse but it occurs more than we realise.

Some things just aren't meant to be joked about. And that includes a woman bashing up her husband. I was watching an episode of All Saints recently where a man was admitted to hospital badly beaten and told the medical staff he'd been mugged. He later admitted that his wife bashes him up and he was deeply ashamed about it. We might think that's laughable but some women use weapons so it does happen.

It's not just non Christians who joke about it either, it's Christians as well.....they should know better. The next person who does it to me will be getting a sharp rebuke...I don't care who they are.

I don't get it. Please explain.....

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