Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Broken Hearts

I found a great recipe called Marshmallow Kisses over at Meredith's blog.  You can find it here.

Unfortunately I seem to have the skill of taking a relatively easy recipe and turning it into a disaster.  What began with high hopes of making them for a committee meeting at work, resulted in a series of broken hearts (and the cook was quite brokenhearted too).
This is where the Sarah touch came in.  There's nothing like good old chocolate icing and hundreds and thousands to cover the cracks :)

Disaster averted....this time.


Meredith said...

They look alright to me! I can't see any marshmallow oozing all over the place like ours. Although we did break a few top biscuits by pressing down on them too hard. Really, they're not the most elegant of things, but they're fun. And very sweet!!

Amanda said...

Good save, I want one!

Sarah said...

Yeah that's how I broke mine, I pushed down on them too hard.

Sorry Amanda, all gone. Maybe we could make some when you guys come up and Kez can help :)

Iris Flavia said...

LOL!!! Made me laugh, really :-)