Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Reasons Why Ebony is the Perfect Cat To Prepare You For a Toddler

Ok, I know nothing can prepare someone to have a toddler....other than actually having a toddler, but Ebony must surely be the next best thing.  As much as I love her, my kitty can be a downright little beast when she likes.  A haughty madam who pretends not to understand the word 'no', she thinks she rules the house, and that Duncan and I exist to give her what she wants, when she wants.

1.  She has this whinging meow that really grates on me.  It's not the cute little chirping meow, it's this long drawn out cry that reminds me of toddlers in supermarkets, "Muuuuuuuum I waaaannnaa lolllllllyyyyyy!"  You cannot reason with toddlers or cats.  Pity you can't just chuck toddlers outside like I do with Ebony.

2.  She's 'into everything'.  If you leave a cupboard door open, even for two seconds, she's bound to get in there the moment your back is turned.

3.  She pretends she's less intelligent than she really is by pretending she doesn't understand the word 'no'.  When I catch her doing something naughty (such as getting up on the kitchen bench or table), I clap my hands at her and say "NO!".  Sometimes she complies and stops doing the naughty thing, but then resumes her mischief two seconds later.  Other times, she just glares at me defiantly like, Try and stop me.

4.  She gets in silly moods where she starts racing around the house.  Just because.

5.  On the good side, she likes cuddles and looks up at me contentedly as if to say, "I love you, Mum."  Cats have a reputation as only loving themselves, but I'd like to think she does love me unconditionally...just a little bit.

Madam insists she is the queen of the whole house....including the linen pile.
My mum soon learnt that it is pointless trying to stop Ebony lying on the purple couch.


Karen said...

Ah, the memories.... We had cats x2 before we had kids, one was an adult cat that moved in with us, and the other one came to us when he was a kitten. And I do agree that the good thing about cats is that yes, you can chuck them outside if they're really getting too annoying.
I miss our cats. But my husband is allergic to their fur (a fact we only learned once we acquired the cats) so I don't think we'll ever have one again :(

Iris Flavia said...

I read the book "Schmitz` Katze" - "Schmitz´Cat - Dogs have lordlings, cats have employees".
So true, that book!
I always wanted a cat, soooo much. My Mum hates cates and so, at the age of 5, I got a German shepherd.
Not quite the same...
Spouse doesn´t like cats either, so... aw, well. Enjoy yours :-) And keep telling about her, too, huh?

bek said...

Ugh so true!! She sounds like a true toddler ;)