Friday, June 24, 2011

Three Years of Marriage = Three Furkids

Our newest 'baby', Gypsy, came home last week.  She was born in early April.

Duncan's boss's dog, Bess, accidentally got herself knocked up and we were the beneficaries of a new canine friend.  Part Kelpie, part Border Collie (like Maya), the plan is for Gypsy to become a working dog.

Gypsy is FULL ON.  Whereas Maya was terrified of her own shadow, Gypsy will run up to you, jump all over you and lick you to death.  She has no fear and lives each moment filled with feverish excitement.  Maya pees when she's frightened.  Gypsy has trouble controlling her bladder and she does little wees everywhere because it's just all too exciting (thank goodness she is an outside dog).

Hello, Mum!
Maya is enjoying being 'Auntie Maya'.  She has slipped into her second childhood and even from inside I can hear snorting, growling and grunting as the two dogs enjoy their neverending doggy playdate.  She has been sharing her bones graciously with Gypsy although the pup learnt a valuable lesson the other day when Duncan gave them the bone from our lamb roast - Auntie Maya is the senior dog and gets first pickings.  Yes, she growled at Gypsy when the pup tried to approach and share HER bone, but she did let her have the leftovers.

There is one member of the household who does NOT appreciate the new arrival.  Ebony let the pup know with a hiss and a swipe that she will not tolerate being chased, cornered or barked at.  Consequently, puss has been spending an increasing amount of time indoors.

Why, why did you get another one of those THINGS?!?
Welcome to our family, Gypsy.  I still can't believe how long it took for Duncan and I to agree on a name for a jolly dog!  What will we be like with kids?!?

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