Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Manly and More

Jane and Tim started their new semester at Bible college on our third full day in Sydney, so Duncan and I ventured out alone for the first time (oooh scary!).  After a number of friends recommended taking the ferry to Manly, that's exactly what we did!

There are some fantastic walks around the coast.

View of the city from the ferry on the way back.

Kirribilli House.  We wanted to drop in on Julia Gillard, but she was probably out.

Duncan was OBSESSED with the Opera House.

And the jolly bridge! :)

He made me climb many stairs for this picture.

Government House.  It opens for tours, but unfortunately it was closed when we were there.


Amanda said...

Manly is where we got engaged!

Mark Edwards said...

you caught the Manly Ferry?

Hope you were not too Reckless...

Sarah said...

Aww that's sweet, Amanda. Did Michael propose on the beach?

Haha Mark :)