Monday, July 11, 2011

The Winner is Sydney

The countdown is on!  Duncan and I fly to Sydney this Friday.

When deciding where we would like to go this year, Sydney was the winner for a number of reasons.  Neither of us have been to Australia's most populous city before, plus we have friends who moved there from Perth at the start of the year.  They are studying at Bible college and we want to encourage them and give them the joy of seeing some familiar faces.

We will be gone for about five days and will be staying with our friends on campus at the college in their tiny apartment.  That's one reason why our trip will be short.  We can't afford hotels and eating out all the time, and we figured our friends might get sick of us if we stayed any longer.

But don't nobody go nowhere.  Scheduled posting will be in full swing (I hope).

So Sydneyites or those who have been to Sydney.....where should we go and what should we do? 
What are the must sees (besides the bridge and Opera House) in a short period of time?

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Amanda said...

Been to Sydney quite a lot and lived there for a couple of years. Hmmmmm, well the botanical gardens are gorgeous, the rocks for shopping and eating, Pitt St Mall is great for shopping, tons of little hidey hole type tucked away shops. Ummmmmm, the zoo! Manly! Darling Harbour is another one. If you can get out of Sydney for a day its worth going up to Katoomba and visiting the three sisters etc.. Some gorgeous bushwalks up there. How's that for a few suggestions?

Mark Edwards said...

Go see the Mighty Dockers beat Sydney at the SCG of course! Great timing.

Seriously though, and it may not be your sort of thing, but Hillsong City Campus have a great Saturday night service, would be worth a visit I reckon. You can catch train, then Hillsong Bus from the city.

Iris Flavia said...

Please go to the Opera House! When we were there "The Phantom Of The Opera" was on - I SO wanted to go, I loved that piece! And Spouse.... said: when we come back, we go! Which was 6 months later and something boring was on so I never went (plus selling the car on time was very hard).

Hm. Nothing special to mention. Apart that the people were super-friendly and I never was afraid, not even in the subway in King´s Cross running around alone (that was where the garage was where travellers sold their cars).

Well: Have heaps of fun, have a great holiday!

it´s a busting place. But nice.

Sarah said...

I bet you wish you were going to Sydney instead of me then eh Mark? ;)

Seriously I did hope to time our visit with the mighty, mighty WCE taking on the Swans, but alas they have no games in Sydney this year :(

Some great suggestions there guys...thanks!

I think due to the short timeframe, lack of knowledge of Sydney's public transport, and being reliant on our friends to show us around, we will probably not venture outside Sydney this visit.