Monday, November 01, 2010

Wedding 2 2010

Our friends, Jane and Tim, got married on the 25th September at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Bull Creek, and had the reception in Jane's mum's beautiful backyard.  It was just a lovely wedding in every way; honouring to God and a great celebration of the couple's joy of uniting for life.

They had a dance floor, and I ran to it like I was a dehydrated person seeing water.  It had been SO LONG since I'd had a dance.  So much fun!

The very beautiful now Mrs Jane.

Greeting guests after the ceremony.

Dunc and I at the reception.

Sarah and I.

My dear friend, the lovely Miss Kate.

Having a photo with the bride.

Greeting more people.

Cake cutting time.

First dance.

Lots of people got into it.

Ha!  This is one reason why our car was parked two suburbs away from our reception.

It even had swimming noodles for antenna, and when they started the car, a balloon blew up and popped out of the exhaust.  Classic!


The sexy man.

The next morning we caught up with some friends for breakfast.

We especially enjoyed catching up with our friend, Bek, who was over from Victoria to be one of Jane's bridesmaids.

Bek and Sarah.

David, Ali and I.

 Craig and I.  I like his t-shirt.

This is my best glare. Is it scary?

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