Wednesday, February 06, 2013

5 Things Les Miserables Reinforces About The Christian Life


I've been wanting to see the latest version of Les Miserables at the cinema, but I do wonder if it will top the 1998 version starring Liam Neeson (which wasn't a musical).  I watched that version for the first time a year ago and loved it...especially since I thought it reinforces a number of truths about the Christian life.
1.  God can change anyone.  No-one is beyond His grace.
2.  We can't free ourselves from the bondage of sin.  We need Jesus to do that.
2.  If someone is truly following Jesus, this will be evident by the good fruit they bear in their lives.
4.  No matter how much God has changed you and been at work in your life, there will always be people who doubt you have changed and will use your past against you.
5.  Despite opposition and persecution, do not take revenge.  Keep walking humbly with God and leave vengeance to Him.

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