Thursday, February 21, 2013

Back at the Ranch...

Life continues on more or less normally for our furry and feathered friends after Rory's arrival.

Ebony is curious and a bit miffed about this strange and noisy creature that has come into the house and taken her place on our laps.  Sometimes she sniffs Rory while I'm feeding him as if to say, "Who are you, boy?  And what are you doing in my house?"  Poor puss is choosing to spend an increasing amount of time outside or on the special chair in the loungeroom that she has reserved for herself.

Got my hands full feeding.  Ebony wanted to sit on the armrest and 'help'.

Everyone wants to sit on Duncan's lap.

The dogs don't seem to care what's going on as long as they get dinner, walks, pats and go to work on the ute.
Here is Duncan making our girls sit for their bones.

Patience, Maya girl, patience.  Yours is coming.


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