Friday, February 08, 2013

The Good Old Flannel

One thing that has confused me in recent years is...

Whatever has happened to the good old flannel?

Just to clarify, I mean a flannel like this:

Not this:

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The second species of flannel should definitely die out haha.

When it comes to showering, nothing beats the good old flannel.  Loofahs have their place, but they cannot compare.  I always chuckle when we stay with good friends and they give me a towel AND a flannel.  Haha they know me too well!

But it seems that flannels are fast becoming an extinct species.  Sometimes when we stay with people and I ask if I can borrow a flannel, they give me blank looks or simply don't own any.  I was horrified when we went to Melbourne and the hotel had no flannels.  I had to go out and buy one.  A hotel with no flannels?  Outrageous.

Yep, what is happening to the good old flannel?

I don't get it.  Please explain


Janine Ripper said...

Woah I have piles of flannels in the cupboard. I always leave a flannel with a towel on peoples bed when they stay over, but most of the times they don't use. I didn't think it was weird...I need one to wash my ultra-sensitive face with each night, so I can't have enough flannels in the house these days. Must have a fresh one every day.

Wendy said...

Is this a WA word? We call that a "washer" where I come from.

I don't use one, by the way, I just use a hand and soap on my sensitive skin. Everyone else in our house uses one, though.

Sarah said...

I've heard it called a 'face washer' or 'face cloth', but even after using those terms many people still looked confused or just didn't own any. Not sure if its a WA term, but the terms used seem to differ between the UK, Canada etc.

Iris Flavia said...

Just come over here, we live in flannel-world. Every hotel has flannels, as every household. How else could you stand the cold temps after a hot shower???

Sarah said...

Do you mean towels, Iris?