Thursday, August 08, 2013

Come Lord by Garage Hymnal

This is one of my favourite Christian songs.  The good thing about suffering is that it makes me long for the Lord Jesus more, for His physical presence, for His kingdom.

When the last worldly prop is abandoned,
There is one solid rock that remains:
Jesus Christ, crucified and now risen,
So we look to the day when with the angels we cry,

Come Lord Jesus and save us.
Lift up our burdens.
We call on Your name.
Saviour, lead us to glory,
Show us Your kingdom,
World without end.

What the prophets caught but in shadows,
What the faithful took at His word.
We have seen in the flesh of the Son,
So we look to our Saviour,
Raised up high before us.

Lyrics sourced from here.

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