Friday, August 23, 2013

The Bubba: 5-6 Months

The latest photos of my gorgeous little man who has mastered rolling, can sit for a little bit unassisted, and is trying to crawl.  Yes, he's very 'busy'.

Alas, sleeping is still not one of his attributes.  Good thing he's cute or I would be even less thrilled to see him in the middle of the night.

With his friend Marcus who is four days younger
On our way to Perth

"Good morning!"

"Aha Daddy, I got you!"

"Mummy, you're a freak."

Chilling with Uncle Tim

You can tell he's my son

Mr Monkey Jacket trying out his high chair

First day of solids.  He wasn't too sure about the taste.

Day 2 of solids.  It was lots of fun.

After watching me eat my breakfast many times, he knew exactly how to
use a spoon and wanted to feed himself from the beginning.

Bubby!  So ravenous!

Mmm pumpkin

We went to Dunsborough in July to see Grandma

And Granddad

On guard!
Someone likes rusks


On his 6 month birthday

On Daddy's birthday.  "What's that, Daddy?  I can't hear you."

"Let me grab your tongue, Daddy."

Happy Birthday Daddy!

With his new friend Lincoln.  Rory is the big bubba now.

In bed with Pop on a recent visit to Albany

I love this photo soooo much!  10pm cuddles.
Our goddaughter Aria and her lovely mum Sam came to visit.

Such a happy fellow....most of the time.



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