Monday, March 19, 2012

I Am Carried by Geoff Bullock

I love this song.  It reminds me of God's compassionate love for His people and my neverending need to rely on Him day by day.  When I am overwhelmed by my own sin, this song reminds me that Christ has paid the price and is creating me anew.

Day by day and hour by hour,
Your love for me from heaven flows.
Like streams of water in the desert,
Living waters flow.
You walk beside me, gently guiding,
Leading me through every storm.
Everlasting, never changing,
Grace and love divine.

Mercy's healing, grace relieving,
Every spot and every stain.
Forgiven freely, no more guilty,
Love has conquered shame.
The broken mended, night has ended,
Leading me through every storm.
For I am carried in the arms of
Grace and love divine.

I am carried in the arms of grace and love divine,
I am held by hands of healing, washed by water pure.
Lifiting up my heavy heart, held in grace-scarred hands.
I am carried in the arms of grace and love divine.

Never worthy, never earning,
All my works now left behind.
Ever onwards, ever upwards,
You've called me on to rise.
Above my darkness, all my failure,
Every fear and every pain.
Always carried, always covered by
Grace and love divine.

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