Friday, December 14, 2012

A Low Key Christmas

I did quite a bit for Christmas last year - entered Cathy's nativity scene challenge, hosted both families at our house, wrote lots of Christmas cards, put up our first ever large Christmas tree....

But this Christmas is going to be lot more low key.  In fact, it is starting to remind me a bit of the 2010 Christmas (except this time we're not moving 600km away and things are therefore nowhere near as chaotic).

We're not putting up the big Christmas tree this year.  We'll be at my family's house in Albany for Christmas this year so there's not much point.  I leave for Perth a few days after New Year's so we're getting ready for the baby's arrival.  One less thing to do...

Little Christmas tree can go up instead.

No Advent Calendars.
No craft.
I'm steering well away from 'Pinterest Christmas competitions' as Jenny puts it (that made me chuckle).

Nothing very much happening here...but that's ok.

Last year I had such fun doing lots of stuff, but Christmas isn't about 'stuff'.  It's about reflecting on Jesus coming to earth in God's great rescue plan for His creation.  Focusing on that is always a challenge regardless of how many activities are involved.


Iris Flavia said...

Where did you get that tree? It´s super-cute!

Sarah said...

From the shop I used to work in in Dalwallinu.