Monday, August 17, 2015

Religion is for Fools

I've also made a conscious decision this year to not only read more Christian biographies, but more evangelistic books as well.  I have had a number of these short evangelistic books/tracts sitting unread in my bookcase for some time, which is a terrible waste.  I'd love to give them away, but it's important to actually read it first before I can confidently place it in an unbeliever's hands and know they will be reading about the true gospel.

Religion is for Fools is one of those books.  In many ways it is like your typical evangelistic book - short, written by a former sceptic is who is now a believer, covers the usual stumbling blocks to faith such as the historical reliability of the Bible, "I'm a good person," etc.

But in other ways, it's different.  Written by Australian comedian Bill Medley (who I hadn't heard of), he explains why he went from religious sceptic to follower of Christ.  It's actually a letter to his sister-in-law Rita (who is not Christian), based on discussions they'd had.  He then put his thoughts into this book which he hoped she would read and think about.  Medley's mission was to investigate the world's five major religions - Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity.  The downside for which he'd be likely to be criticised by non-Christians for is that he spends the majority of the book exploring and defending Christianity, and leaves little room for the others.  He acknowledges and defends this though by saying that in his 'journey' to faith, if he found the true and living God, he doesn't need to spend time looking at anything else.  One thing he does do though is smash the notion that many Westerners have that Buddhism is all about peace, love and meditation.  It just shows that many people make Buddhism into what they want it to be without really investigating its teachings.

The difference between this book and a lot of other evangelistic books is that it's punchy, it's humorous (obviously since it's written by a comedian), and it has some little cartoons here and there.  It would definitely be a good book to give to an Aussie man interested in investigating Christianity.  It's the kind of book I'd give to my dad if he were interested.

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