Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Diary of an Incubator: Nesting and Resting

Finally...progress in the nesting department.

Rory's new room is pretty much finished and he is now in his big boy bed.

It took me months to clean out what was my study and transform it into a room fit for a Thomas-obsessed two-year-old.  I love opshops and Gumtree for cheap secondhand stuff.

$5 opshop bargain

I'm pleased to report that the little fellow has adapted to the changes very well.

The baby will have Rory's old room.

The nesting has been slower than I'd like due to my frequent need to rest.

The journey this room has taken since we moved in:

When we moved in.

My study.

Rory's room.  We've just got to put up the $5 Thomas curtains
I got from an opshop, too.

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