Monday, April 04, 2016

We Have a Nanny!

Just when I'd given up hope, when I'd threatened to move to Perth by myself to get some in-house help, when I'd yelled, pleaded and begged God to send someone to help me....

He did.

We have a nanny! She is a 22-year-old Christian from a town just north of Perth. She'd returned from travelling overseas and was looking for work. We found her through a mutual friend. She will be living with us until the end of July.

It's working out really well. She is a huge help. I'm trying not to worry about the financial cost, knowing that it's either this or I return to hospital. We are trusting God to provide.

Thank you, Lord! I'm sorry that I continue to doubt your goodness and love. Thank you!

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Wendy said...

How did I miss this wonderful news! Praise God for his provision for you all. How's it going?