Friday, July 15, 2016

Everlastings and the Everlasting

Last week I finally pulled my green thumb out and weeded one of my horribly overgrown garden beds.  Our place was starting to look very dero, so it was a job well done.

I've had a packet of everlastings that I've been planning to plant in that garden bed for a while.  Now they have finally been scattered onto the soil and raked in.

The process got me thinking about Matthew 13:1-23.  The only part I was playing in potentially growing everlastings was scattering the seed.  I can't make them grow, only God can do that.  As I scattered, I realised I was scattering over all types of soil....even in the one garden bed.  Some patches are rockier, some would be classed as 'good soil'.  But it isn't up to me to determine which everlastings will grow and which won't.  My role is to scatter the seed.  Years ago, a friend preached a sermon at our old church about how we often view non-Christians with 'Terminator glasses' on.  There is a scene in one of the Terminator movies where the Terminator is naked and needs some clothes.  He scans each potential person with his eyes to determine whether their clothes would fit.  So often we do that with non-Christians.  We size them up before telling them the gospel, trying to decide in advance whether our efforts will be fruitful or a waste of time.  We look at people's lifestyles and decide, No, they're in a de-facto relationship or a homosexual relationship, they won't want to hear about Jesus, because it would make things awkward with their partner if they became a Christian.  

But if we really believe God is sovereign and can transform even the hardest heart, then we will scatter without reservation.

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